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News Guangdong

Xi requires new advances in rise of central China

President Xi Jinping has required efforts to enhance the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the country's central region and to make new advances in the rise of the central region.

China makes big strides in efforts to halt ivory trade

A major crackdown on ivory smuggling, in which China seized 2,748 elephant tusks weighing 7.48 metric tons in Guangdong province - one of its biggest hauls - has reconfirmed the country's commitment to global anti-smuggling operations.

SME fair in Guangzhou to spotlight high-quality growth

The 16th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair will help companies find solutions to common issues, expand their market and attract greater attention, according to the organizers of the event.

ACF | Guangdong artist promotes Cantonese cuisine through comics

A Guangdong artist is trying to promote Cantonese cuisine through a comic, aiming to raise people’s awareness of the history and culture of food in Guangdong.

Individuals, organizations awarded for benevolent acts

Several lists of individuals and organizations awarded for their benevolent acts last year were announced at an awards ceremony

Huawei products should not be linked to politics: Ren

Huawei is a commercial company, and the use of its products is a choice for consumers based on their likes and should not be linked to politics.
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